Top 5 Under the Radar Cabo Attractions

While it’s nearly impossible to make a trip to Cabo without seeing attractions such as The Arch and Lover’s Beach, to get a true feel for the area you’ll want to venture beyond the well-known tourist spots. Beyond the picturesque yet bustling stretch of sand, eateries, and watering holes of Medano Beach, locales with considerably fewer tourists await to be explored. Certainly, spend some time soaking up the sea, sand, and sun near your Cabo vacation rental and along famed stretches of beach such as Medano, but also add a bit of excitement to the itinerary by traveling a bit further off the trodden path. Check out these top 5 under the radar Cabo attractions for a more atypical travel experience!

Mt. Solmar

This jagged peak that stretches out along Lands End and towers above The Arch and Lovers Beach is far from hidden. In fact, it’s one of the most-photographed Cabo landscapes. However, few realize the peak can actually be hiked, enjoying magnificent views from the top. The hike begins at a dog shelter across from the old Cabo Naval station on the far south side of the marina. Owned and operated by a man named Enrique, the hike ventures onto private property and must be accessed via a casual tour by the owner. The hike is easily navigated with a guide, despite the fact that there’s not a clear trail. Be ready for a climb, and then bask in the reward of panoramic views. Cabo City, Cabo Bay, Lands End, Medano Beach, Divorce Beach, Lovers Beach, and the Sea of Cortez are all spread out before you, making for fantastic photo opportunities.

Thursday Art Walk in San Jose

If you’re visiting Cabo between the months of November through June, the Thursday Art Walk in San Jose is a great place to spend an evening. Held from 5pm-9pm in the city’s historic district, visitors can browse local galleries and meet gallery owners and artists along the way. The historic district’s quaint cobblestone streets serve as the ideal backdrop for this event. Paintings, sculptures, photographs, prints, and jewelry created by local, regional, and international artists are on display, providing the opportunity to simply appreciate the pieces or to purchase something to bring back home. Sip wine and sample cheese as you browse and take in the local atmosphere. The historic district is also home to excellent restaurants and bars to explore while you’re in the area!

Cabo Pulmo National Park

To explore beautiful, untouched beaches and a protected marine sanctuary, head to Cabo Pulmo National Park. Located 60 miles from Cabo, it will take some extra effort to reach this destination. But when you do, you’ll be rewarded with long white sand beaches backed by a beautiful mountain landscape. The bay here is home to the only hard coral reef in North America, and amongst the reef’s fingers, snorkelers will find a wide variety of tropical species. Explore Cabo Pulmo National Park’s underwater world by snorkeling or scuba diving or remain on the water’s surface by sea kayaking or paddleboarding. If you don’t want the hassle of the excursion’s logistics, outfitters such as Cabo Adventures offers a Cabo Pulmo Snorkeling Expedition and Cabo Pulmo Diving Tour that take care of all the details!

El Merkado

If you’re beach hopping along the Corridor and hunger strikes, take some time to find El Merkado, a hidden culinary gem. This chic food hall is packed with vendors serving everything from local fare to international cuisine, all in an upscale street food style environment. El Merkado is set in an industrial style building with soaring ceilings, with vendors on the top level situated along a rail open to the main floor, keeping the atmosphere open and airy. Long tables situated throughout the main level invite you to partake in a community-style dining experience, so you may even make a few friends along the way. Select your favorite vendor from which to order or make small orders from several for an array of options. They offer everything from authentic mole to pancakes and gelato!

The Hot Springs of El Chorro

Cabo may have its share of luxury spas but venturing into nature to enjoy the hot springs of El Chorro offers a whole other experience. Long before tourists were flocking to Cabo, locals were enjoying the soothing waters of these natural springs. You’ll make your way through small villages and along rural dirt roads before arriving at the hidden gem of El Chorro Hot Spring, which is located at the base of the Agua Caliente Canyon in the village of El Chorro. Near the canyon wall, enjoy a soothing soak in the clear bubbling waters, letting the raw beauty of nature envelope you.

Venture off the beaten path and experience a whole different side of Cabo when you explore some of these top 5 under the radar Los Cabos attractions! Contact us today to start planning your stay in one of our amazing Cabo villas!

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