Top 5 Local Only Restaurants in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Cabo’s dining scene is filled with worldwide cuisines served up at resort eateries and elaborate oceanfront restaurants. While these are certainly five-star locations perfect for celebrating a special occasion or enjoying an upscale meal out, you may also find yourself wanting to travel further off the beaten path in search of more local eats. Hidden among Cabo’s streets and on the outskirts of town, you’ll also find a smattering of local only restaurants in Cabo, where you’ll find more residents than travelers. Here you’ll not only experience a more authentic side of Cabo, but also some amazing dishes that just might become some of your favorites during your stay. Read on to get our recommendations for the top 5 local only restaurants in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico!

Los Tres Gallos

The exterior of Los Tres Gallos is quaint, painted bright red and graced with arched doorways. But don’t let its size fool you – an expansive tiled patio strung with twinkling lights and strings of festive flags overhead create a picturesque outdoor dining spot. This eatery serves up traditional Mexican dishes approved of by locals. With everything from beautifully designed dishware to well-plated orders, a meal at Los Tres Gallos has a way of feeling special. You won’t have to meander far from the marina to find Los Tres Gallos, which is located just a few blocks away. Watch your meal being prepared in the open kitchen as you relax to the festive sounds of a mariachi band. Start your meal off with an order of gorditas to share or a bowl of delicious tortilla soup. Seafood lovers will find the seafood tacos to be excellent, made with shrimp, lobster, and scallops. For something from the land, try the flank steak or carnitas de chamorro, a slow-cooked pork. An order of their decadent flan is the perfect end to the evening!

Mi Casa

The atmosphere at Mi Casa is festive, with a beautifully done tiled outdoor courtyard leading into an open-air palapa dining room. With mismatching chairs and tables and plenty of greenery, the atmosphere is whimsical yet classy. Diners come here for their authentic Mexican cuisine, and it has been so well-loved that there is now a location in both Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. You’ll find excellent entrees here from both the land and the sea. An authentic must-try here is the chiles en nogada, a dish consisting of poblano chiles stuffed with picadillo and topped with a sweet walnut-based cream sauce. A mariachi band and great margaritas add to the festive atmosphere of Mi Casa and help solidify it as one of the best local restaurants in Cabo San Lucas.

El Pescador

Get your seafood fix at El Pescador, situated in a quaint blue building with a thatched roof just a couple blocks back from the marina in Cabo San Lucas. Grab a table near the door to watch the world go by as you munch on some of the best seafood around. Start your meal out with a large bowl of freshly handmade tortilla chips, served up with salsa and guacamole. The lobster combo here is a favorite and includes lobster along with a choice of scallops, shrimp, or fish. The whole fried fish prepared Mexican style is also a culinary experience in itself. Wash it all down with a generously sized margarita!

Tacos Guss

Tacos Guss is situated just a block back from the Cabo San Lucas Marina. Despite its bright pink exterior, the building is unassuming and easy to miss if you’re not paying attention. However, once you’ve eaten here once, you’ll find it hard not to return. As the name suggests, this cozy eatery is a local favorite for tacos. Though its low-key and simple, you’ll also find Tacos Guss to be clean and efficient and the service friendly. Expect to eat your fill of tacos made with handmade tortillas and topped with fresh ingredients. Al pastor tacos are their specialty, though the steak and chicken tacos are also excellent. Customize your tacos from options on the accompanied tray, which offers an assortment of vegetables, onions, cilantro, limes, pico de gallo and several different hot sauces. Wash it all down with a glass of horchata!

Los Michoacanos

Located outside the downtown Cabo San Lucas area, you’ll have to put in a bit more effort to reach Los Michoacanos, which is located on the main street out of town headed north. However, its location off the beaten tourist path also means you’ll enjoy a more local Cabo dining experience. The restaurant is situated in a large pink and orange building that offers ample room for dining. This local eatery serves up the best carnitas in Cabo, with budget friendly prices only adding to their appeal. Start your meal out with an order of crispy chicharron before moving on to carnitas created with handmade tortillas and served with fresh limes and guacamole. To build your own tacos, order meat by the kilogram to be enjoyed later!

Whether you add all of these eateries to the itinerary or just one, be sure to venture off the beaten path to enjoy some of the best local restaurants in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico! Contact us today to book your stay in our fantastic Cabo villas and enjoy a luxurious getaway!

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