Maria Jimenez Restaurante Mexico

A trip to Los Cabos is sure to inspire. Between the sea, sand, blue sky and dynamic landscape that includes desert and mountains, it’s easy to find reasons to be thrilled while you’re here. A vacation this direction comes with plenty of opportunities to indulge in outdoor fun and indoor entertainment. The one constant no matter how you spend your time is a need to attend to the appetite. When you’re looking for a stop with the comforts of home and a menu that boasts true and authentic flavors of the region, head over to Maria Jimenez Restaurante Mexico for a delightful meal that’s bound to please the palate.

A Welcoming Ambiance

At Maria Jimenez Restaurante, visitors and locals alike are welcomed like family. This culinary destination is easy to find thanks to its vibrant and colorful façade in striking hues of yellow, pink and blue. Hammocks adorn the exterior patio and brick detailing allows this restaurant to blend seamlessly with the surroundings. Once inside, guests often note that the service at Maria Jimenez is particularly friendly and the ambiance is welcoming and casual. Come and dine with family and friends at a colorful, linen-covered table and browse an extensive menu packed with flavorful options. Maria Jimenez Retaurante is located on Calle Narciso Mendoza S/N downtown and is open for lunch and dinner daily.

Menu Highlights

Bring your appetite when you head to Maria Jimenez Restaurante for a meal as this destination is known for its generous portions. Start your dinner with an appetizer of chips and guacamole or queso to get your taste buds going. From here, the options are seemingly endless with a menu that makes the most of fresh tossed tortillas wrapped around chicken, steak pork and a myriad of options in between. Whether you choose the shrimp fajitas or tasty tamales, be sure to pair your plate with just the right beverage choice. Maria Jimenez Restaurante is known for its mint iced tea and selection of regional beers depending on your preference. This is the best authentic Mexican food in Cabo San Lucas!

Savor a Cabo Stay & Try the Authentic Mexican Food in Cabo San Lucas

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