Jarro Cafe in Cabo San Lucas

Traveling to Los Cabos is a fantastic way to get inspired and take some time away from the stress of everyday life. Between lounging on the beach, getting out on the waves, making the most of shopping and entertainment and taking in the fantastic sights, a trip to Cabo is sure to provide you with a new perspective. While each and every day of your stay is sure to be packed with potential for fun, make sure you are energized for the adventure by starting the morning at Jarro Cafe in Cabo San Lucas.

An Iconic Cabo Breakfast Stop

Located at Cormoranes S/N, Jarro Cafe in Cabo San Lucas is a culinary stop that caters to the morning crowd. While they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, those who tend to rise a bit later will appreciate that Jarro Café also serves up brunch regularly. Jarro Café is known as a warm and welcoming stop that’s as colorful as it is savory. Step inside and enjoy walls painted in orange and salmon hues that contrast beautifully with the finished wood tables where you can pull up a chair and enjoy a generous meal. Local ingredients are always featured in the dishes at Jarro Café while reasonable prices make this a family-friendly and budget-friendly stop as well.

Menu Highlights to Enjoy

While customers rave about the mix of bold flavors and spices topping traditional breakfast favorites there are a few plates you won’t want to miss out on when you’re here. Chilaquiles with green sauce are sure to add a kick to your morning palate, while a side of eggs and toast can bring the flavor back down to neutral. Huevos rancheros tend to be an extremely popular choice for the morning crowd and if you just can’t narrow it down to one or two items, feel free to order up the Mexican combo for a taste of it all. No matter what you order, pair your plate with a delightful beverage. Jarro Café serves up savory cups of coffee as well as morning Coladas when you’re ready to start the day in style. This is definitely one of the best places to eat in Cabo.

Enjoy Cabo to the Fullest & Dine at the Best Places to Eat in Cabo

No matter when you arrive, Cabo promises to be an exciting destination that’s brimming over with moments of fun. Make the most of every moment of your stay by letting the team at Sun Cabo handle accommodation details. Enjoy a stress-free experience while we make sure you’re booked into a property that’s equal parts luxury, comfort, and style. Contact us for more information on our many options and to start planning. Check out these spa services today!

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