Pedregal Luxury Rentals

Pedregal Luxury Rentals 

For some, getting away from the everyday stress of life and into a new, relaxing environment is enough for their vacation. Others want more. Whether you’re surrounded with luxury living at home or it’s just something you hope for to make your vacation totally relaxing, add it to your upcoming Cabo vacation. Take the first step to a luxury Cabo stay by booking one of our Pedregal Luxury Rentals. All the comforts of your own home are waiting, splashed with Cabo luxury and charm for your perfect luxury getaway. 

Luxury Accommodations, Cabo Style 

There’s no better place to stay in luxury and style and experience Cabo and the surrounding area like a native than a luxury rental at Pedregal provided by Cabo Vacation Rentals. Make your stay simple and stress-free on top of luxurious and take advantage of everything the unit has to offer, allowing all the fun and adventure of a Cabo vacation to be the things everyone remembers most. 

When we say “luxury” we mean Luxury! Our luxury vacation rentals at Pedregal are packed full of the luxury and Cabo style you expect from a luxury rental. The luxury starts with the home, that’s full of everything you’ll need for enjoying vacation to the fullest, whether you choose one of Pedregal’s elaborate single-family homes, a villa, or a cozy casita. Open the door to spacious great rooms combine living, kitchen, and dining functions together. Create and serve delicious home-cooked meals in the fully equipped kitchen. Delicious, luxurious meals are just moments away when you use top-of-the-line appliances and all the basic kitchen tools and cookware necessary for a group meal. Luxury touches like high-end counters, kitchen islands, and more round out the luxury and convenience of the kitchen. Relax in luxury and enjoy any meal in dining areas with tables beautifully set with linens and dishes.  

Living spaces boast quality, comfortable furnishings that are stylish and often reflect the bold, Mexican colors of Cabo. Relax with ease and luxury! Conveniences such as in-unit Wi-Fi keep you connected to friends and family back home, and in-unit laundry offers full-size washers and dryers. For a luxuriously lazy day around your rental, there are multiple TVs, entertainment centers with movies, video games, and all the fun electronics of home. Unplug with board games and other activities or sit and page through a book or magazine. 

Relaxation & Luxury in One Room 

Turning up the luxury in the living areas of the home means turning up the luxury in private spaces too! Take a break in a private, luxury bedroom. Each of our luxury Pedregal homes has its own unique flavor and flair, right down to the high-end sheets and comforter on the beds. The focal point of master suites is often a king size bedroom set. Luxury amenities include sitting areas, and some even have private balconies overlooking the sea. En suite baths may host soaking tubs and luxury showers, along with designer amenities so you’re fully pampered every day of your trip. There is luxury in every room! Guest rooms and suites in our Pedregal luxury vacation rentals were not overlooked. Each person will love the luxury and style, and not feel left out of the luxury Cabo experience you all crave. 

Outdoor Luxury 

The luxury of a Pedregal luxury vacation rental by Cabo Vacation Rentals doesn’t stop at the walls of the home. Step outside and feel the luxury vibe continue. Private patios and balconies offer a place to sit out and enjoy the Cabo weather in peace. Fun and luxury amenities include private pools, summer kitchens with grills and plenty of cooking space for al fresco meals, and much more. Lounge on outdoor living and dining furnishings to prolong the outdoor luxury. Don’t worry about not having the right equipment for a luxury beach trip. You’ll find beach chairs, sand toys for the kids, coolers, and everything else to make the perfect, luxurious day at the beach. 

Luxury Activities for a Luxury Vacation 

When you choose a getaway in Cabo, you’ll want to make sure the beach and waters of the Gulf one of your top priorities. Swimming, snorkeling, playing in the sand, fishing, or just soaking up the sun are just a few things that you’ll do. Make sure to get a glimpse of the breathtaking Arco de Cabo San Lucas – a natural arch near where the Pacific Ocean officially becomes the Gulf of California. Take a unique journey on camelback through the Baha Desert or take a hike and explore the many trails of the area. Enjoy a cruise on a private yacht, or cruise on land with a 4×4 excursion. 

Pedregal Luxury Awaits 

When you stay in a luxury vacation rental at Pedregal in Cabo for your next retreat, you’ll enjoy easy access to the nearby beach and the crashing waves, as well as many area luxury attractions, shopping, dining, and activities to enjoy during your stay.  

Contact us today book your stay in a luxury vacation rental home at Pedregal and make memories to last a lifetime!