Guide to a Cabo Family Vacation

With its captivating scenery, options for entertainment, and stops that are filled with history and flavor, a visit to Cabo is definitely worth the trip for those that are looking to enjoy solo adventures or romantic escapes with the one they love most. Options to get out on the water, enjoy the many beaches and bask in a long list of activities ideal for all ages also means that Cabo is a great place to set your travel sights when you’re planning a trip with the entire family! So pack your bags and grab your passports and don’t forget to add these family friendly stops to the itinerary before you head out the door on your Cabo family vacation!

Visit Cannery Beach

For those families headed to Cabo with a mindset focused on time spent on the sand, a trip to Cannery Beach is bound to be a highlight. This family-friendly stretch of white shoreline is located between Lover’s Beach and the marina, making it easily accessible, particularly if you plan on walking there. Cannery Beach provides a gentle surf to be enjoyed and is frequently found to be less crowded with souvenir sales than other well-known beaches in the area. This is also a great place to enjoy some family snorkeling experiences during your Cabo family vacation!

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Souvenir Shop Around the Marina

While watching the boats sail by is always a treat, the Marina area of Cabo San Lucas is a hot spot for handcrafted souvenir shops, and a fun place to spend an afternoon window shopping. Enjoy time looking through one of a kind toys, trinkets and apparel before letting everyone in the family pick their favorite to commemorate a Cabo stay.

Visit the Museum of Natural History

Situated on the Plaza Amelia Wilkes in Cabo San Lucas, the Museum of Natural History is the perfect choice for the family that’s looking to incorporate a touch of education into the experience but doesn’t plan on spending hours browsing exhibits and displays. This charming but comprehensive venue gives a hands-on and engaging look at the geology and archaeology that defines the area but is perfectly timed to keep even short attention spans interested.

Meet the Wildlife of Cabo

One of the best things to do on a Cabo family vacation is encountering the stunning wildlife found throughout the region. The unique natural environment of Cabo makes it home to a wide variety of exotic species, from whale sharks and dolphins to camels and sea lions. Cabo Adventures offers a whale shark snorkeling excursion for an unforgettable experience beneath the water. The gentle giants are filter feeders, making them completely safe to swim with and a favorite activity for families in Cabo. Another popular wildlife adventure is whale watching in the Sea of Cortez. Whale season in Cabo is between December and April, when most whale watching tours occur.

Zip Line Above Cabo

If you need a break from the surf and sand, take to the skies on a thrilling zip lining tour in Cabo! Wild Canyon Adventures is one of the premier destinations in Cabo for zip lining, taking you high as you soar above canyons and the breathtaking desert landscape. For fast fun and exhilaration, the Outdoor Zip Line Adventure with Cabo Adventures takes you on the Superman, the longest and fastest zip line in Cabo, set in the UNESCO protected Boca de Sierra National Park.

Learn How to Surf

Ever wanted to learn how to surf? Cabo is the perfect place to jump on the board and ride the waves! Surfing lessons from High Tide Surfing at Costa Azul Beach in San Jose del Cabo are the perfect family-friendly activity in Cabo for fun in the water with just a touch of adventure. Experienced surf coaches guide you with encouraging yet challenging instruction and will help you get up on the board and riding your first wave in no time.

Swim with Dolphins

One of the most popular things to do in Cabo for families is swimming with dolphins. This unforgettable experience is a great option for families with young children. Dolphin swims with Cabo Adventures occur in shallow water and aren’t very physically demanding. The dolphins swim around a large pool as you hang on to their fins, so they do all the work while you enjoy the ride. For a unique experience, book the more in-depth Dolphin Trainer for a Day program, perfect for older kids who have a passion for learning more about dolphins and how to care for them.

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