A Cabo San Lucas New Year’s Journey

Close out the ever so memorable 2020 with something that will add a positive spin, like a getaway to a tropical destination. Say goodbye to the old and welcome in the new with your toes in the sand, wind in your hair, and endless ocean stretched before you. Things are looking up in 2021 with a Cabo San Lucas New Year’s journey! Turning the page and beginning a new year with a fresh new perspective is even easier to do from a destination as beautiful as Los Cabos, Mexico. There are so many reasons why beginning the new year celebrating in Cabo is the best idea of 2020! These Mexico New Year’s Eve activities will help you get you started on planning your New Year’s journey to Cabo.

Enjoy the Festivities in Mexico for New Year’s Eve

There is traditionally a large firework display over Medano Beach, lighting up the night and reflecting off the shimmering water. With plenty of restaurants and bars located along this strip of sand, you’ll have numerous of options for celebration venues. Or you can simply lay a towel in the sand and relish in this picturesque end to the year!

Explore Cabo’s Beaches and Wildlife

Humans aren’t the only ones on the move as the year comes to an end – this is also the season of the humpback whale migration. Especially from the vantage point of a boat charter, visitors can observe these majestic creatures up close and personal in their natural habitat. The most common species sighted from Cabo are gray and humpback whales, while blue, sperm, fin, and pilot whales are also sighted on occasion. In addition to taking advantage of whale watching tours, the warmth of Cabo’s weather and water allow for a wide number of options for beach and water activities. Spend the last days and hours of the year soaking up the sea, sand, and sun in the warm destination of Cabo!

Stay in Style in Los Cabos

Staying in for a Mexico New Year’s Eve celebration has its own appeal when you’re staying in luxurious accommodations that boast a stunning veranda overlooking the ocean, a private swimming pool, and a bubbling hot tub, all surrounded by plush furnishings! These amenities are what you’ll find in many of our Cabo San Lucas New Year’s rentals. With extras such as private chef and butler services, you can truly ring in the new year in style from one of our stunning Cabo rentals!

Choose to make 2021 a great year by starting it off on the right foot in sunny Cabo!

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