Top Cabo Hidden Gems

Planning a trip to Cabo is always an exciting decision, but there’s something even more thrilling about putting together an itinerary that includes off the beaten path fun. When you’re an avid traveler looking for Cabo things to do that aren’t regularly highlighted in brochures, consider enjoying these top Cabo hidden gems in the area the next time you’re in town.

Hike or Climb the Sierra de la Laguna Dry Forest and Mountain Range

Many visitors to Cabo come with visions of time spent on the sand and in the sea in their minds. However, once you arrive, it’s clear that the landscape that makes up this mesmerizing destination is much more than simply sand and water. The Sierra de la Laguna mountains and dry forest are a spectacular sight and one experienced hikers and climbers won’t want to miss out on. Options to explore this area are endless and the many cliff faces and steep hiking trails bring a clear challenge that comes with big rewards in the form of sweeping views. While independent adventure through this region is always an option, those with less experience will find there are several tour companies offering guided treks through this mountain range as well.

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Explore Ruta Pericu

Far from the hustle and bustle of major tourist centers that are easy to spot in Cabo, those who are interested in learning more about the area’s culture and native people will enjoy spending time at Ruta Pericu. Hosted by Dharma Expeditions, this tour lasts 4 hours and provides guests with a chance to immerse themselves within the parameters of a mountain town with roots dating back to the 17th century that lies on the outskirts of Los Cabos. As you taste and hike your way through this area, you’ll get an authentic sense for the people that still call this land home and have considered the Baja Peninsula their home for a period of time that stretches back hundreds of years. Guests on this journey will mix and mingle with local ranchers, take time to taste Talega coffee, and enjoy sweeping views of scenic canyons and riverbeds along the way. Air-conditioned transportation, water, and protein bars are included in the cost of the tour as an added convenience. This tour is one of our favorite Cabo things to do that many don’t know about!

Don’t Write Off Those Well-Known Destinations

While hidden gems and lesser traveled roads are always an inspiring way to approach a Cabo getaway, sometimes the most unforgettable itineraries are those that are sprinkled with options that take you to iconic stops as well. You won’t want to miss out on some of that brochure-highlighted fun while you’re busy experiencing hidden away excitement. When you’re considering balancing out your journey, feel free to add these stops to your list-guilt free!

The Marina at Cabo San Lucas

Wonderfully situated to keep visitors close to the heart of all the Cabo San Lucas fun, the marina is a great place to come and spend some time when you’re looking to check some well-deserved fun off your list of must-do activities. Dotted with delicious dining stops serving up some of the area’s most savory, local seafood, visitors to the Marina often find it easy to simply settle in and spend some time people watching and ocean-gazing during a visit this way. The marina also acts as a central hub for water-based activities and an easy place to book a rental when your plans have you spending time independently on the waves.

For those that prefer more guided experiences, the marina is a good place to connect with vendors offering snorkeling and diving excursions as well as those that feature everything from parasailing to glass-bottom boat adventures. If you happen to be in town in time with whale migrations through the area, booking a whale watching tour is bound to be an inspiring choice. These eco-friendly tours are often hosted by certified marine biologists excited to introduce visitors to the beauty of the surrounding sea and thrill of these amazing marine creatures. Take your experience on the waves to the next level of excitement by booking a whale watching tour that comes with options to listen to whale songs under the surface of the water using a technology known as a hydrophone while you’re on board.

Spend Time at Medano Beach

If you’re not a crowd person you don’t have to stay long, but you’ll be glad you at least experienced the vibrant energy that makes up the notorious area of Medano Beach. Here, the blue waters and sugar-white sands are dotted with an endless lineup of open bars where you can sip the day away in style. While beach volleyball games are a near-constant on the sand, those looking to get out on the water will find much to enjoy in the way of jet skiing, paddle boarding, and kayaking.

Enjoy Cabo Things to Do Off the Maps

Whether you’re one for discovering Cabo hidden gems or can’t wait to visit the most iconic of landmarks, a trip to Cabo is sure to thrill and the team at Sun Cabo is here to make sure you have the accommodations in place to match. Contact us today to learn more about our ever-growing portfolio of property options in the area.

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