Snorkeling in Cabo

In addition to Cabo’s easily visible beauty in the beaches and mountain landscapes, another amazing world lies beneath the surface of the sea. Known for its vibrant coral reefs and teeming marine life, Cabo offers excellent Cabo San Lucas snorkeling opportunities. Sea turtles, sea lions, surgeonfish, parrotfish, angelfish, Moorish idols, and rays are all commonly found in the warm waters surrounding Cabo. Explore Cabo’s underwater world in the shallow waters near the shoreline or opt for a boat excursion that will take you to top offshore sites!

Self-Guided Snorkeling in Cabo

If you’re confident in your swimming skills and are comfortable navigating ocean waters, snorkeling right from some of Cabo’s amazing beaches is a viable option. Many people who want to explore Cabo San Lucas snorkeling on their own opt to pick up inexpensive gear from local box stores such as Walmart so it can be used throughout the vacation.

Santa Maria Bay, located on the Tourist Corridor, is a crescent-shaped bay situated between two large rocky outcroppings, offering calm waters that are protected from larger ocean swells. With large schools of colorful fish that can usually be spotted here, this is one of Cabo’s most popular snorkeling beaches, along with nearby Chileno Bay. Though it can’t be reached by car, Land’s End is another great spot for DIY snorkeling. It’s fairly easy to hop on a water taxi from Medano Beach or the marina. Once you arrive, explore the calmer waters on the bayside, such as those near Pelican Rock situated in the Cabo San Lucas Marine Preserve.

Cabo Snorkeling Tours

If you want to explore several snorkeling in Cabo locations in one day and not worry about navigating on your own, booking a snorkeling tour with one of the many outfitters operating in the area can be a good option. Snorkeling tours can often be bundled with other activities as well, such as stand up paddleboarding, sunset sailing, and dolphin and whale watching. Ranging from simple snorkeling tours to a few of Cabo’s hot spots to luxurious yacht outings with snorkeling as just one of the perks, the snorkel tour options in Cabo are many.

Cabo Sailing Ocean Adventures

Cabo Sailing Ocean Adventures offers one such luxurious cruise, where you can unwind aboard a luxurious yacht before hopping in to explore Cabo’s underwater world. Choose among 2- to 3-hour excursions, with some tours available during morning hours for early risers and others taking place in the evening to take advantage of the setting sun’s beauty. Meet like-minded travelers on your snorkeling cruise or book a private tour for just you and your friends or family. Onboard the 38- to 46-foot yacht, you’ll enjoy access to an unlimited bar offering red & white wine, margaritas, beers, rum, vodka, tequila, whiskey, juices, sodas, and bottled water, as well as an assortment of meals and snacks. All of the needed snorkeling gear is provided, including a wetsuit during winter months so that you’re completely comfortable in the water. Explore Cabo’s snorkeling hot spots such as Land’s End, Pelican Rock, and the protected waters of Santa Maria and Chileno Bay, snorkeling among schools of tropical fish. A snorkeling excursion with Cabo Sailing Ocean Adventures offers an upscale experience taking in scenic vistas and exploring Cabo’s vast marine life!

Dive Cabo is another reputable company that offers memorable snorkeling excursions into Cabo’s warm waters. Dive Cabo offers a 3-hour snorkeling excursion to offshore sites only accessible by boat, making this a great option for those who want to venture further from the DIY snorkeling that is available along Cabo’s shorelines. Tours are limited to 8 people or less, offering a personalized experience. Knowledgeable, bilingual guides and a boat that offers shade as well as a ladder for easy water entry and exit make this an all-around comfortable experience, even for newbies. Snorkel sites such as Gavilanes and Chileno Bay, taking in the views of Lover’s Beach, Divorce Beach, and the sea lion colony along the way. Dive Cabo boasts a free photography service, with guides snapping action shots of you in the water surrounded by vibrant sea life. This is truly a free service without needing to purchase photos, as photos will be transferred to your phone or a USB after the tour is complete. Light refreshments and snacks are provided, as well as snorkel gear and wetsuits (during winter months). Customized private snorkel tours are also available for those in search of a more personalized experience, with destinations and an itinerary that is specifically catered to your interests.

Explore the underwater side of Cabo on a snorkeling excursion with one of the area’s top-notch outfitters, or by embarking on a DIY adventure from one of Cabo’s snorkel-friendly beaches. Our travel experts can help you find the best snorkeling excursion for you, as well as answer any questions you may have about our luxurious vacation rentals located in sunny Cabo. Browse our listings or contact us today at (800) 710-2226! If you’re planning on a short vacation to Los Cabos, be sure to book one of our best Pedregal short-term vacation rentals today!

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