Scuba Diving in Cabo San Lucas

While Cabo is well known for its beauty above water with white sand beaches and dramatic desert and mountains permeating the landscape, a whole world lies undiscovered beneath the sea. Explore some of Cabo’s stunning reefs and marine life with an unforgettable scuba diving in Cabo San Lucas excursion. Whether you’re an advanced diver or a complete beginner, there is a Scuba trip for you in the warm waters of Cabo. Start with these companies to explore some of the Scuba possibilities to add to your Cabo itinerary.

Scuba Diving in Los Cabos – Dive Cabo

From shallow introduction dives for complete beginners to exploring deep walls and shipwrecks for advanced divers, Dive Cabo has a variety of tour options for all skill levels. Dive popular sites such as the Sandfalls at Pelican Rock, Neptune’s Finger, Middle Wall, and the underwater pinnacles at the Blow Hole on Dive Cabo’s various tours. They also offer marine life encounters with opportunities for diving alongside eagle rays, schools of tuna, and huge schools of hammerhead sharks. For a unique and memorable experience, try the night dive, when colors are intensified, and nighttime creatures emerge. This is one of the places to experience scuba diving in Cabo San Lucas!

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Take your Scuba knowledge to the next level with one of the courses offered through Manta. From a discovery course for beginners to specialized courses such as rescue diving and divemaster, you can hone your skills as a Scuba diver while enjoying Cabo’s beautiful underwater world. Take the excitement up a notch by scuba diving in Los Cabos with sharks and whale sharks on a couple of select Manta dives. They also offer a trip to Cabo Pulmo, a National Park in the Sea of Cortez located off a remote fishing village approximately two hours’ drive from Cabo. This locale boasts one of the world’s healthiest coral reefs in the world and the opportunity to see some areas further out from the more populated Cabo. Because this area is protected from fishing, divers have the opportunity to see large populations of fish in their natural habitat.

Cabo offers a wide range of exciting underwater opportunities for divers of all ability and interest levels!

Baja Dive

First time divers and experienced divers alike will find something of interest with the knowledgeable instructors at Baja Dive. First timers should explore the PADI Discover program, where you’ll head out on the water and enjoy a short lesson on the boat, becoming familiar with the equipment that will be used. Instructors will introduce some of the marine life you may encounter, making your experience even more educational and meaningful. By performing basic skills in shallow areas, you’ll gradually build the confidence needed to explore some of Cabo’s deeper waters! With the minimum age limit of 10, this is a great option for families traveling with older children to embark on together. Enjoy this Scuba adventure as a stand-alone event, or use it as one of the stepping stones for continuing on toward certification. Baja Dive offers PADI certifications from Open water up to Dive Master.

Certified divers will have the advantage of heading directly to some of Cabo’s most thrilling dive sites, just a short distance from the shore. North Wall, Pelican Rock, South Wall, Neptune Finger, and Lands End are some of the nearby hot spots in which Baja Dive brings their experienced divers. Explore underwater rock walls, ledges, and reefs, where you’ll find octopus, rays, white tip reef sharks, seahorses, eels, sea lions, and more of Cabo’s abundant sea life! To arrange your SCUBA diving expedition, Baja Dive can be contacted at (624) 164-3712 or via email at

Dive Ninja Expeditions

Another Cabo SCUBA outfitter worth taking a look at is Dive Ninja Expeditions. This company has a focus on sustainability and conservation, supporting marine conservation and research projects locally and internationally, as well as thoughtfully utilizing resources within their own operation. They are a PADI 5-star dive center, offering a full range of courses and certifications. Dive Ninja Expeditions offers customized diving experiences that go beyond a few hours spent at the area’s common dive sights, but instead offer multi-day, conservation minded trips that are species specific and/or multi-location based. Depending on the time of year in which you visit, some of the species-specific expeditions might include mobula rays, humpback whales, and mako sharks. Dive Ninja can be contacted at (624) 247-3741  or for more information or to book an excursion!

Cabo offers a wide range of exciting underwater opportunities for divers of all ability and interest levels! Whether it will be your first diving experience or you’ve spent many hours exploring the deep seas, a SCUBA adventure in Cabo is sure to be memorable!

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