Playa del Amor in Cabo San Lucas

Cabo is known as a top beach destination, and its stretches of silky white sand will not disappoint. While some beaches are miles long and dotted with oceanfront bars hosting cocktail hours and local boat captains offering excursions on the water, others offer an escape from commercial development and a pure nature encounter. Come experience the vast diversity of Cabo’s beaches!

Exploring Playa del Amor & Other Best Beaches in Cabo San Lucas

At the very tip of Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula lay a set of dramatic rock formations that have been carved out over time by the rough wind and sea, resulting in a favorite sightseeing spot for visitors to Cabo. El Arco (The Arch) is a popularly photographed spot along these formations, and a colony of sea lions can often be seen sunning nearby. Situated amid these picturesque rock formations is Playa del Amor in Cabo San Lucas or Lover’s Beach. Due to its location offshore from the mainland of Cabo, it will take a little extra effort to visit Playa del Amor, but it will worth it. Boats leaving from the marina or from Medano Beach can easily be hired for your excursion to Lover’s Beach. Many boats leaving from Medano Beach are glass-bottomed, adding an additional element of interest as you can view sea life throughout the ride. The more adventurous may want to rent kayaks to paddle to Playa del Amor. After stopping for photo opportunities near El Arco and the sea lions, Playa del Amor is a welcoming place to spend some time back on solid ground.

Because there are numerous boats coming to and from Playa del Amor in Cabo San Lucas, don’t expect to have the beach to yourself. But the fact that there are no vendors or facilities on this swath of sand help it retain its natural beauty. Because of its exposure to the open sea, swimming isn’t always safe from Playa del Amor. However, your best bet is to try the water along the Cabo San Lucas side rather than the Pacific. If the water is calm and you’ve brought along a mask, snorkel, and fins, this can be a good locale for exploring Cabo’s underwater world. When you’re finished sunning and exploring on Playa del Amor, it’s easy to hop back on one of the available boats for your return to shore. This is one of the most romantic and best beaches in Cabo San Lucas!

Nearby Popular Cabo Attractions

With boats to Playa del Amor available from the marina and from Medano Beach, a visit to this popular site can easily be enjoyed as part of your day soaking up the sun if you already plan to be on Medano Beach. Medano Beach offers two miles of sandy shoreline filled with activity options. Swimming, snorkeling, and kayaking are all popular activities in the calm waters of the bay. The shoreline here is also lined with a variety of restaurants and bars with tables right in the sand, so there are plenty of conveniences nearby to keep you satisfied throughout your day on the beach.

Playa del Amor and Medano Beach stand in stark contrast to one another, one with development and convenience and the other with natural beauty. If you’re feeling inspired by the raw beauty of Playa del Amor and are in search of something a little more serene than Medano Beach, consider giving Santa Maria Beach a try. This protected marine sanctuary offers calm waters within a bay setting, perfect for exploring the underwater world. Bring along your snorkel and fins and spend some time swimming alongside tropical fish, especially during morning hours when the wind and water are clear and calm. The long swath of sand also provides a great setting for lounging along the shore.

Of course, Cabo has so much more to offer even beyond its spectacular beaches. With outdoor adventures, golfing, a lively art scene, and top-notch dining options, Cabo truly does offer a little bit of everything!

Top Cabo Restaurants

After spending the day exploring some of Cabo’s best beaches, treat yourself to a meal out at one of the top Cabo restaurants. When it comes to fine dining in a setting that seems to have come straight from a magazine, Sunset Monalisa fits the bill. The outdoor deck here provides stunning views over the water, and the food is first class.

You may be vacationing in Mexico, but Cabo also offers cuisines from around the world! Grab a thick burger at WTF Burger Bar, a steak dinner at Jack’s Steakhouse, or a platter of local food at Los Deseos Restaurant. For a quick bite, Gardenias is the place to go for some of the best tacos in Cabo. For drinks, The Office on the Beach and Mango Deck both offer oceanfront locations with tables in the sand so you never have to lose sight of the sea!

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