Mt. Solmar

Planning that picture-perfect tropical getaway often begins with visions of white-sand beaches, turquoise waves, and lazy afternoons spent under the sun. All of this and more can most definitely be found for those that make Los Cabos their ultimate vacation destination at any time of year. While this scenic locale is known for its options for rest and relaxation, it’s also a place where it’s just as easy to spend time exploring and those that prefer to do so by hitting the trails will want to make sure to make Mt. Solmar a must-see on their itinerary.

Off-The-Beaten-Path Fun

Mt. Solmar is easy to spot as it sends its peak up and over glittering Cabo Bay. This small mountain is highly visible from iconic Medano Beach, making it a destination that many come to be intrigued by during their time on the sand. Perhaps even more interesting is the fact that while Mount Solmar is accessible for hiking, it doesn’t actually enjoy an official trailhead. Those that are looking to make the most of a trek to the top will have to garner some insider information on the area to do so.

Trail Specifics

Mt. Solmar makes for a rather quick, but challenging trek to the summit and hosts an elevation gain of 446 feet. It’s often noted for its dynamic terrain that moves between dirt pathways with gentle inclines to sections that are much rockier and more difficult to maneuver. In total, the trail that takes hikers up and around Mount Somar is just under two miles out and back. While those that love a good challenge find the hike up Mt. Solmar exciting, most are thrilled with the reward waiting at the top. Sweeping views of Cabo San Lucas await that are tough to beat so this is a trail you won’t want to forget your camera for.

Gaining Access

Because Mt. Solmar and its primary trail to the top has no official access point, it’s well-known in the area that prospective hikers will want to start by checking in with a man named Enrique who runs a dog kennel at the base of the mountain. He has become the trail’s unofficial sponsor and helps guide guests up upon request with nothing more than a tip of your choosing required at the end. He’s more than willing to share area insight as well as folklore that has long surrounded the mystic wonder of how this particular mountain gains power from the waters that surround it.

Natural Attractions Near Mt. Solmar

Situated just south of the downtown Cabo San Lucas area, Mt. Solmar is located on the peninsula that juts out into the ocean. Exploring Mt. Solmar puts you right in the center of several of Cabo’s other natural attractions, such as Divorce Beach, Lovers Beach, and The Arch, to name a few. Whether you simply enjoy these destinations from the bird’s eye view of Mt. Solmar or you explore them up close and personal, be sure to bring along your camera to capture some of Cabo’s most stunning scenery.

Restaurants Near Mt. Solmar

Relish in the exhilaration of completing a challenging hike and soaking in some of Cabo’s most stunning sights with a post-excursion meal. With its location so convenient to downtown Cabo San Lucas, plenty of dining options are on hand.

Señor Frog’s is a popular nearby eatery that serves up a fun and festive atmosphere alongside its platters of Mexican and American food. Known for their music, dancing, and all-around vibrant atmosphere, Señor Frog’s is the place to go when you’re in the mood for a good time. Situated along the marina, you’ll enjoy the view of the waterway as boats come and go into the ocean beyond. Start your meal with a heaping order of nachos, perfect for sharing Their local dishes include a variety of enchiladas, burritos, tacos, and fajitas. A handful of American pub-style choices are also on offer, including wraps, sandwiches, and burgers. Come for the food or just for drinks, of which there are a wide variety of options. Margaritas, shots, specialty cocktails, and draft beer all make it easy to keep the liquid flowing.

Also in close proximity to Mt. Solmar is La Taverna GastroBar, featuring more great views over the marina. La Taverna offers up fresh seafood dishes, steaks, and local fare. Listen to the strolling mariachis as they make their way down the marina walk, with music drifting along on the breeze to La Taverna’s covered outdoor seating area. Sip a glass of wine or a mango margarita over a plate of grilled fish tacos, served with sides of beans, rice, and coleslaw. La Taverna’s also offers an excellent coconut shrimp dish!

Work up an appetite hiking Cabo’s iconic Mt. Solmar or simply enjoying the mountain’s views as you stroll along the beach. Then refuel at one of the many high-quality restaurants located in the area!

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