Mt Solmar in Cabo San Lucas

Add an element of adventure to your trip to Cabo when you get out and explore some of the area’s land formations beyond the serene white sand beaches. From adrenaline-inducing sand dunes to the dramatic Sierra de la Laguna Mountains to unique rock formations, there are plenty of options for getting active in the outdoor playground of Cabo. One such place to do so is at Mt Solmar in Cabo San Lucas.

An Invigorating Hiking Experience in Mount Solmar in Cabo

Towering over the beautiful Divorce Beach are dramatic rock formations that include Mt Solmar in Cabo San Lucas. As some assert that this is located on private property, be sure to go through the correct channels before enjoying this hike. The land is claimed by a man by the name of Enrique, who is also the owner of the dog shelter located at the mountain’s base. For a donation, Enrique allows visitors to pass through the gate that leads to the trail and leads guided hikes to the mountain’s peak.

Though the hike isn’t long in distance, the elevation gain and steep areas of rock scrambling do provide some challenges. With a good pair of hiking shoes and water, hikers of decent physical shape can take on this trek. Once you reach the top, you are rewarded with sweeping views of the surrounding area. Cabo City, Cabo Bay, Land’s End, Medano Beach, Divorce Beach, Lover’s Beach, Solmar Beach, the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean all stretch out before you as a detailed painted canvas. Spend some time at the peak soaking in the views and relishing in the reward for your efforts. Though there is a way to reach Divorce Beach from the peak, this route is not included in Enrique’s tour. However, you will enjoy a different route on the return trip that follows a gentler slope.

From the peak of Mount Solmar in Cabo, you may notice a couple of beaches that are set off Cabo’s mainland, such as Divorce Beach and Lover’s Beach. To explore these beautiful stretches of sand, it is possible to catch a boat charter or water taxi from the marina or from Medano Beach. There are so many natural wonders to explore during your getaway to Cabo!

Cabo Sights & Attractions

If the views from Mount Solmar inspire the desire for further exploration, opportunities exist to venture into the waterways and beaches that can be seen below. Consider some of these options to further explore the sights visible from Mount Solmar!

Cabo Expeditions offers a Lands End Kayak & Snorkeling Tour that is great for anyone who wants to get active on the water. This 2.5-hour tour includes paddling along the shores of Lands End, all the while enjoying the comfort and security of having a knowledgeable guide along who knows the area well. The comfortable two-person, sit-on-top kayaks are beginner friendly. As you paddle, you’ll admire unspoiled beaches, stunning landscapes, Cabo’s famous Arch and its nearby sea lion colony, and one of Cabo’s most picturesque beaches, Lover’s Beach. The paddle takes approximately 45 minutes, and at the end, you’ll be rewarded with an excellent destination for snorkeling. Cool off after your hard work with a refreshing swim, donning a mask, snorkel, and fins to explore alongside Cabo’s tropical marine life. Be sure to bring along your camera to capture snapshots of some of Cabo’s most stunning sights!

Another way to explore this area is by larger boat. Taking a Cabo Luxury Sunset Sailing cruise with Cabo Adventures provides a taste of luxury while enjoying some of Cabo’s most famed landmarks. Step aboard one of Cabo Adventures’ French-made sailboats docked in the Cabo Marina as you are greeted with a tall glass of sparkling wine. This attentive service sets the tone for the rest of the excursion. With sails hoisted and a gentle breeze in your hair, the professional Cabo Adventures’ crew will take you past famed sights such as The Arch, the sea lion colony, and the beautiful Cabo coastline. Enjoy high-quality food and drinks from the open bar as you take in the sights. The star of the show is when the sun begins to set, spreading fiery colors across the sky. Sights such as the Arch become even more magical at sunset, with the rock formation creating a striking image against the ever-changing colors in the sky. A sunset cruise in Cabo makes for a romantic evening for couples, an exceptional setting to celebrate a special occasion, or a memorable evening for anyone wanting to experience the beauty of Cabo in a different light.

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