Mission San Jose del Cabo Church

A trip to Los Cabos tends to be referred to as a singular destination. It’s not uncommon to reference “Cabo” when travel plans bring visitors to this sunny and scenic destination. However, the greater Los Cabos area is in fact two distinct sections providing guests with drastically different highlights and landmarks to be enjoyed. While Cabo San Lucas is home to beaches, restaurants, and nightlife that keep guests coming back time and again in the name of fun, San Jose del Cabo tends to be regarded as the cultural center of the region and is a place to come wander through traditional shops, enjoy local fare and make the most of a trip through the main plaza. It’s here that many visitors are inspired to visit the iconic Mission San Jose del Cabo.

An Architectural and Historical Legacy

With roots dating back to 1730, this church in San Jose del Cabo has endured a history of rebuilding in the name of wars, conflicts, and fires. The current structure that sits in the main plaza of San Jose was completed in 1940. Comboni Missionaries served the church between 1940 and 1978 but today, the site is run by diocesan clergy. With its two belltowers stretching into the sky, pale brick façade, and arched entryways, Mission San Jose del Cabo is easy to spot within the main square of the town and is an appealing combination of 1940s structural architectural and colonial influence.

Inside, this church in San Jose del Cabo hosts row after row of traditional pews leading up to a fairy ornate pulpit. Vaulted ceilings of the interior host exposed beams and create for an impressive acoustic result. Paired with wall recesses filled with religious statues and depictions, a tour through the Mission San Jose del Cabo Church is one that many visitors don’t want to miss.

Mass continues to be held regularly at the church Monday through Friday at 7:00 am as well as Saturday at 7:30 am. On Sunday, guests are invited to attend any of the mass gatherings at 7:00 am, 10:00 am or 7:00 pm with a special mass held in English at noon. This destination also hosts a church store that makes for a unique browse whether you’re touring or attending mass.

Enjoy the Cabo Experience

From history and architecture to fun under the sun, a trip to Cabo is sure to delight and inspire. When you’re planning a trip this way, let the team at Sun Cabo handle the accommodation details from start to finish. Contact us for more information and to start planning.

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