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While you can certainly spend your days lounging under a palm tree on your Cabo getaway, making some space in your itinerary for tours allows you to get out and see some of the area’s most beautiful sights without having to worry about self-navigating. Many of Cabo’s most stunning attractions are accessible only from the water, so booking one of the best Cabo tours that group some of these sights together is a popular option. Get out and experience the beauty of Cabo on one of the many tours offered by local outfitters!

Los Cabos Tours – Plan an Animal Encounter

Great for the whole family, and Outback & Camel Ride Safari with Cabo Adventures is a unique way to explore greater Cabo. Get to know your camel by name before hopping on and exploring Cabo’s flora and fauna, all the while learning more about local culture from your knowledgeable guide. You’ll also ride along the beach, taking in beautiful coastline scenery and capturing memorable photos of your safari experience. After dismounting the camels for a guided nature hike through the outback, you’ll participate in an authentic tortilla-making lesson. Wrap it all up with tequila tasting and multi-course Mexican lunch.

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Go Off-Roading

Fun Cabo offers an ATV or Side by Side Sports Adventure tour that will get your adrenaline pumping! Enjoy the thrill of off-roading on some of Cabo’s most beautiful terrain – including right on the beach! These Cabo tours will take you across landscapes that include desert, mountains, canyons, a dry stream, and beautiful beaches with sand dunes and jaw-dropping ocean side cliffs, all while navigating these fun vehicles. Single ATVs allow for friends to each enjoy the full excitement of driving, while double ATVs and Side by Side vehicles make this tour family-friendly. 20 miles of beachfront are yours for the exploration of these exciting Los Cabos tours!

Explore Offshore

Many of Cabo’s tours are centered around the ocean, and it’s easy to see why. Snorkeling, whale watching, sunset cruises, and exploring popular attractions such as El Archo and Lover’s Beach can all be done with an offshore tour. Take your pick from a wide variety of tour options that explore Cabo’s stunning waters. For the best use of time and money, seek out a tour that covers multiple itinerary points, such as snorkeling and sightseeing all wrapped up into one. Cabo Sailing Ocean Adventures, Land’s End Tours, and Cabo Trek are a few of the outfitters that offer such excursions.

Adventure Beneath the Surface

If the idea of observing Cabo’s vibrant marine life is appealing but you’re not comfortable with the gear and technique that snorkeling and SCUBA diving requires, consider a once in a lifetime submarine tour with Cabo Fun Tours! This allows you to explore some of Cabo’s most beautiful regions beneath the water’s surface all while staying dry. The Cabo Submarine tour is also great for families traveling with children, as there is no age limit for enjoying this excursion. Explore the iconic sights of The Arch at Land’s End and Pelican Rock but also enjoy all that lies beneath the surface! Cabo Fun Tour’s bright yellow submarine is semi-submersible, so it is never completely underwater. Soak in the sunshine and views from the boat’s spacious deck. When you’re ready to explore underwater, head below deck, where generously sized windows line the sides! The seating below deck is arranged so that each person enjoys their own oversized viewing window, so there are no obstructions blocking the view. Large schools of colorful tropical fish often congregate right outside the windows, providing an exciting close-up encounter that the whole family can enjoy.

Thrill in a High-Adrenaline Adventure

While Cabo is home to serene beaches and plenty of opportunities for relaxation, you’ll also find excursions perfect for adrenaline junkies. Experience the thrill of an adrenaline rush as you bungee jump into a stunning canyon or as you parasail high above Cabo’s sights, enjoying a bird’s eye view! Happy Flights Cabo offers an exciting parasailing tour that takes all safety measures into account while also adding a thrilling rush. Fly single, double, or even triple as you’re towed behind a boat throughout Cabo’s beautiful waterways. With children as young as five years old being welcomed on Happy Flights Cabo’s tours, this can even be a memorable experience for the whole family.

Perhaps even more thrilling, Wild Canyon offers bungee jumping opportunities from their glass-floored gondola perched at 300 feet above the ground. Take a deep breath and take the leap, with experienced staff there to guide and ensure your utmost safety. Also located at Wild Canyon are ziplines with both daytime and nighttime excursions under the stars, as well as off-road adventures via ATV’s and UTV’s. The nighttime Moon Zipping Fire experience is especially thrilling, as you zip between platforms lit with flaming torches and the natural light of the moon and stars.

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