Cabo San Lucas Wildlife Watching

Located on the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja California peninsula, Cabo offers not only stunning beaches but endless wildlife viewing opportunities beyond the ocean’s shore. Take your pick from a variety of Cabo San Lucas wildlife viewing activities that will get you up close and personal with some of the most interesting creatures that call Cabo home!

Wildlife in Cabo San Lucas – Whale Watching

Perhaps one of the most exciting Cabo San Lucas wildlife viewing opportunities is to catch sight of the gray or humpback whales which frequent the area between mid-December and mid-April. The best way to observe these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat is by booking a whale-watching excursion with one of the area’s charter companies. This will get you out into deeper waters, where bottlenose dolphins can also be frequently seen. Many boats and captains are equipped with technology and knowledge of whales’ natural swimming patterns, making it easier for whales to be located in an eco-friendly way. Cabo Trek and Cabo Expeditions are a couple of the local outfitters that can get you out on the water for your adventure with the whales!

Snorkeling & Scuba Diving

The Sea of Cortez’s warm waters is teeming with vast numbers of fish species, making snorkeling or Scuba diving an exciting underwater venture. Billfish, corvinas, rays, squid, barracuda, and various types of shellfish are just a few of the species that are commonly seen in the waters fronting Cabo. If you plan to spend some time snorkeling over the course of your stay in Cabo, many people opt to just purchase inexpensive snorkel gear from box stores such as Walmart or Costco. Catching a water taxi to Pelican Rock at Land’s End or heading to Santa Maria Bay along the Tourist Corridor or neighboring Chileno Bay are all popular locations for self-guided snorkel excursions. There are also quite a few tour operators that offer guided excursions to these locations as well as offshore sites for those in search of a more catered experience. Cabo Adventures and Cabo Expeditions both offer snorkeling excursions in the area, while Dive Scuba offers Scuba adventures for complete beginners as well as advanced divers.

Visiting the Sea Lion Colony

Land’s End is perhaps one of Cabo’s most iconic sights, with the infamous natural sea arch punctuating the end of this rock formation jutting out into the sea. A colony of sea lions have chosen the additional rocks jutting out from the sea near The Arch as their permanent natural home! Visitors can often hear them before they’re spotted, with their sounds of communication becoming louder as you draw near. These beautiful creatures are used to being fawned over, often approaching boats to greet visitors. Watch the sea lions feeding, playing, and basking in the sun in their natural habitat, which also happens to be one of the most beautiful places in the area! Cabo is home to four types of sea lions, including seals, California sea lions, sea elephants, and thin-skinned sea lions. Bring along your camera to capture endearing shots of these aquatic mammals, who often seem to be deliberately posing for photos!

Ride in a Glass Bottom Boat

Beneath the surface of Cabo’s warm waters, Cabo’s aquatic habitat is alive with wildlife. A great way to enjoy the vast marine population without even getting wet is to take a ride in one of Cabo’s easily accessible glass bottom boats. Catch one from the vendors offering rides from Medano Beach or book a tour in advance with one of Cabo’s tour companies. Tropical fish and sea life move below you as you make your way out to landmarks such as The Arch and Lover’s Beach. This is an especially great option for families traveling with children, who will be fully captivated throughout the ride. Check out Roger’s Glass Bottom Tours or Cabo San Lucas Tours for two pre-bookable glass bottom boat tour options.

Visit the San Jose Estuary

From the mountains and desert to the sea, Cabo is alive with an abundance of vibrant wildlife in Cabo San Lucas! Even a walk outdoors or near the San Jose Estuary will reveal glimpses of herons, hummingbirds, iguanas, desert falcons, and so much more! The San Jose Estuary is a protected wildlife sanctuary home to a variety of species of birds. Follow the scenic path along the water, catching sight of birds feeding and dive-bomb hunting for fish in the water. Spot horses from a nearby farm grazing along the estuary, offering a different window into local Cabo life.

Book Your Stay in Beautiful Cabo

When you stay in Cabo, you’re never far from enjoying nature and wildlife encounters, whether above or below the sea. At Cabo Vacation Rentals, we offer luxurious Cabo accommodations to use as a home base for exploring the wild reaches of Cabo. Our Cabo accommodations offer all the comforts and amenities to be desired on your beach vacation, with easy access to Cabo’s best wildlife viewing and nature activities. Browse our listings, and contact us today!

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