Cabo San Lucas Divorce Beach

As a top beach destination, Los Cabos is home to a number of astonishingly beautiful stretches of coastline. While some are hopping with oceanfront bars and activities, others are left to their natural beauty undisturbed. Be sure to explore a wide variety of the best beaches in Cabo San Lucas! If you start your journey at the Cabo San Lucas Divorce Beach, we’ve got all the info you need to know below!

Best Beaches in Cabo San Lucas

Though its name suggests otherwise, Cabo San Lucas Divorce Beach is a picturesque beach perfect for a couple to spend the day. Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula ends in dramatic rock formations jutting out from its tip, and it is along this outcropping that you will find Divorce Beach. Backed by sheer rocks impassible by vehicle, the best way to reach Divorce Beach is by boat.

Don’t let the boat excursion deter you from paying a visit to Divorce Beach. Water taxis are easy to secure from the popular Medano Beach, or the more adventurous can rent kayaks and paddle the short journey. Many of the boats feature a glass bottom, making the journey enjoyable as you spot sea creatures along the way. Along the journey, you’ll pass Pelican Rock, a popular attraction that rises sharply from the ocean.

Divorce Beach can be accessed via Lover’s Beach, which is located on the bayside of the peninsula. Both Lover’s Beach and Divorce Beach are devoid of buildings and amenities, so bring everything you’ll need with you for enjoying a day of fun in the sun. After spending some time swimming and playing in the calm waters of Lover’s Beach, it’s just a short stroll amid sharply rising rock formations to reach Divorce Beach, which lies on the Pacific side of the peninsula. Be sure you do all your swimming and snorkeling at Lover’s Beach, because the waters at Divorce Beach are not swimmer friendly. With a strong shore break and dangerous rip currents, it is best not to enter the water at all from Divorce Beach. However, the rock formations, caves, and large swath of silky sand still make for great exploring and lounging. Keep an eye out for whales in season, bring a picnic lunch, and enjoy watching the waves crashing with dramatic sprays.

Nearby Attractions to Experience and Explore

For the traveler to Cabo that comes with a passion for time spent on the sand, soaking up the sun’s rays and working on that golden tan, there’s truly no place better to find yourself than Divorce Beach. This scenic destination promises the best in views and options for seaside fun, but come with the added benefit of being not too far from a long list of other fun activities to enjoy as well. Whether you’re looking to continue your journey through nature or can’t wait to curb a craving somewhere savory, there are plenty of options to add to your already exciting itinerary.

Book an Area Tour with Tio Sports

When you’re hoping to expand your beach day to include the beauty and wonder of the surrounding scenery, sometimes it’s best to leave the direction to the experts. Visitors who book a sightseeing tour with Tio Sports can savor a 45-minute journey around some of the area’s most notorious highlights before settling into the sand for the remainder of the day. Beginning at $21 per person, these tours circle around Lover’s Beach but also take time to get up close to El Arco, Pelican Rock, and the surrounding sea lion colonies that are sure to inspire! Tours in this area are narrated, providing guests with unparalleled insight into how these ecosystems and wildlife thrive.

Swing by the Marina

More than just a place to anchor your vessel for the day, the Marina situated in Cabo San Lucas is well-known and loved for its vibrant atmosphere and options for fun. Not far from Divorce Beach, the marina is a popular departure point for those that have booked incredible whale watching excursions during their stay. Many of these tours are led by certified marine biologists who are excited to share not only the sea, but it’s many incredible creatures with guests onboard. These narrated excursions often include opportunities to listen into amazing whale songs thanks to hydrophones that can be placed underwater. Whales make their way through these waters annually as they follow their set migratory paths, meaning the chances of spotting one during your tour are extremely high! Once your whale watching is done, the Marina is also a great place to grab a bite to eat. Dotted with restaurants, cafes and open-bars, it’s just as easy to indulge in a seafood taco as it is to savor and sip an evening away with friends.

Book Your Stay Near Divorce Beach in Cabo

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