Cabo San Lucas Bay

On the coastal side of downtown Cabo San Lucas lies the wide the Cabo San Lucas Bay, or Bahía San Lucas. The Bay of Cabo San Lucas Cabo San Lucas encompasses some of Cabo’s most popular beaches, as well as top offshore sightseeing attractions.

Lacing the bay is popular Medano Beach, which begins at the harbor and stretches all the way to Villa del Palmar. This two-mile swath of sand is home to a host of oceanfront restaurants, bars, and beach activities. In the evening, the shorefront comes alive with a vibrant social scene complete with live music, dancing, and occasional fireworks. By day, it’s easy to engage in activities such as sand volleyball, jet skiing, kayaking, boogie boarding, and parasailing, with rentals available right on the beach. Medano Beach is also a gateway to offshore attractions such as El Arco (The Arch) and Lover’s Beach.

Activities on the Cabo San Lucas Bay

Hop on a panga (boat) and enjoy the short journey out to the interesting rock formations that lie offshore, carved over the years by waves and wind. Many of the available boats are glass-bottomed, providing an additional element of interest for your journey. Near the arch there is also a sea lion colony which you’re able to get surprisingly close to, resulting in a unique animal encounter. After you’ve snapped some pictures in front of this much-photographed sight, many boat tours offer additional activities such as snorkeling or a stop at the picturesque Lover’s Beach. Tucked in amid dramatic rock formations, Lover’s Beach is accessible only by boat. While you’re sure to run into other travelers while there, the lack of amenities and buildings retain the natural beauty found along this slice of sand.

Tucked along the south end of the Bay of Cabo San Lucas Cabo San Lucas is the marina, where additional boat tours are offered. From swanky sunset cruises to Scuba diving expeditions, a number of companies offering a wide range of ocean adventures operate out of the marina.

Book a Fishing Charter

In addition to the many scuba expeditions and sunset cruises that use the nearby marina as a primary departure point, visitors spending time along the Cabo San Lucas Bay will find that this area is also a popular place to set sail when your fun revolves around a chartered fishing experience. The beautiful blue waters that lap the shoreline of the bay are home to a variety of impressive fish species ranging from blue marlins and tuna to sailfish and billfish. While experienced anglers will enjoy the opportunity to head out into the open ocean in pursuit of these amazing creatures alongside a friendly and knowledgeable guide, you don’t have to be an expert to make the most of an angling experience in this area. Newcomers are more than welcome to book intro fishing charters where all the gear you’ll need is included in the cost of the experience and guides are chosen to help introduce you to all of the in’s and outs of fishing in Cabo.

Book a Whale Watching Cruise

Just as exciting when you’re visiting this area is the opportunity to book an incredible and inspiring whale watching cruise. Whales of all types make their way through these waters as they follow their migratory paths in the name of birthing calves in warm waters. For visitors, this means there’s a wide window of opportunity to encounter and observe these creatures in their natural habitat during a visit. Be sure to book an eco-friendly whale watching cruise to keep both passengers, whales, and watery ecosystems safe from damage during the experience. Many cruises are led by certified marine biologists who are on board to not only narrate the experience but provide fascinating insight and facts into the lives of whales and how they thrive in the wild. Those that are interested in marine conservation will also find these tours informative. Don’t miss out on the chance to listen to whale songs happening below the surface of the water by booking a tour that includes an onboard hydrophone that allows you to listen in on these nearly mystical melodies.

Hit Up Cabo Wabo

When your day of outdoor adventure is done, don’t forget to swing by the iconic Cabo Wabo Cantina for a drink and a dance. This vibrant and high-energy stop has been a favorite in the areas since 1990 and to this day continues to be a hot spot for big-name musical performances. If you’re arriving in the evening hours there’s no need to worry about being able to find it as Cabo Wabo enjoys being bathed in a rainbow of neon lights once the sun goes down.

Treat Yourself to a Seaside Getaway in Cabo San Lucas

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