60-Day Cabo San Lucas Monthly Vacation Rentals

Tucked away on the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja California peninsula lies the sun-drenched area of Los Cabos. Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo together make up what has become the popular vacation destination simply known as Los Cabos. If a quick trip to Cabo won’t be quite enough to satisfy your craving for sun, sand, and sea, consider lengthening your stay and settling into one of our 60-day Cabo San Lucas monthly vacation rentals. Visitors choose our 60-day Cabo rentals for a variety of reasons. Some come to work remotely from a beautiful location, while others with a flexible schedule simply choose a change of scenery for a season. If your schedule allows you to get away for a couple of months, our 60-Day Cabo rentals may be just the right fit for you!

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Features of Our 60-Day Cabo San Lucas Monthly Vacation Rentals

Stay in style when you come to Cabo for an extended stay! Our 60-day Cabo monthly rentals offer comforts and amenities that will help you settle in and make yourself at home. These luxurious homes boast amenities such as privates swimming pools, lavish outdoor areas with comfortable seating, and an abundance of indoor square footage. You’ll be glad that you get to unpack and stay awhile in these luxurious long-term Cabo rentals!

Booking a stay in one of our 60-Day Cabo San Lucas monthly vacation rentals promises to be an exercise in comfort, convenience, and style. Guests will find that whether they’re looking for a cozy abode close to the beach or prefer a sprawling villa with sweeping ocean views, our portfolio of options is built to inspire. Many of our properties feature a collection of tasteful furnishings that are as comfortable and inviting as they are stylishly incorporated. Savor the balance of home-inspired comforts paired with Cabo-specific color patterns and designs when it comes to creating an ambiance that’s truly one of a kind for your stay. Additionally, many guests who book our 60-day rentals in Cabo San Lucas will enjoy walking into spacious floorplans that feature the very best of open-concept living. Large groups and individual travelers alike will appreciate the fact that this type of design lends itself to easy transitions between dining, living, and sleeping spaces during your adventure.

Everyday tasks such as preparing meals are convenient in our 60-day Cabo monthly rentals, which boast kitchens with upgraded appliances and cookware. Those visitors that love to cook while they travel will appreciate that many of these culinary spaces are already stocked with the cookware and utensils required to serve up a savory breakfast, lunch, or dinner at nothing more than a moment’s notice. While spacious dining rooms provide an area to enjoy a traditional meal, outdoor seating areas can also be transitioned into alfresco patios when you’re more in the mood to enjoy dinner in the open-air. As an added benefit, the inclusion of a fully equipped kitchen in our 60-day rentals makes it simple for guests to pick and choose between dining in and heading out to explore Cabo’s incredible culinary scene.

In addition to the standard perks you would expect to find in a spacious private home, in many of these estates you will also find media and game rooms with top-of-the-line technology, multiple master suites, and meticulously planned outdoor areas that are perfect for inviting over newly made friends. Access to Wi-Fi or high-speed services in many of our 60-day rentals gives guests the option of connecting at the touch of a button. Send and share photos with friends back home, keep up with the news or take time to stream a favorite movie or show during your stay.

Activities Convenient to Our Cabo 60-Day Rentals

Staying an extended period of time in Cabo means that you’ll get to find joy in everyday activities, such as taste-testing around town until you find the perfect latte and becoming a regular at one of the many oceanfront restaurants. Book a regular tee time at one of the top-notch golf courses, claim your favorite spot in the sand… The options are endless! There is no shortage of activities and attractions to keep you entertained during your stay in Cabo, and with a longer amount of time in the area, you can savor the relaxed pace of life on the ocean.

For those visitors with a passion for underwater adventures that happen in the form of snorkeling, a trip to Chileno Beach shouldn’t be kept off the itinerary. Shallow waters and a tranquil shoreline make this a place where an afternoon of snorkeling could easily turn into an entire day of fun. Chileno Beach also enjoys the unique benefit of being a place that’s not as packed with restaurants and shops as other well-known beaches. Feel free to indulge in the beauty of nature before heading back into more bustling destinations when you plan to enjoy time at Chileno Beach during your stay.

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