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3 Tips for a Light in Los Cabos Travel

03/03/2020 | by David Girard | Blog

Traveling light has many benefits, from saving on inflated checked bag fees to easily transporting your luggage on your journey to your final destination. Traveling light can provide a sense of freedom and security, and while many of us wish to travel light, it’s a struggle to make it work come packing time! Luckily Los Cabo enjoys mild temperatures year-round, so you won’t have to deal with the challenge of squeezing in your boots and cable-knit sweaters, but it can still be easy to overpack for a beach destination. Here’s some of our tips for a light Los Cabos travel!

Pack Clothing You Can Pair Creatively

Luckily for you, bathing suits and swim trunks don’t take up much space, but you’re still going to want to maximize your space by bringing versatile clothing items that can work for more than one outfit. Think a flowy skirt that can be paired with different lightweight patterned tops, or for men a tropical button down with a collar that is casual enough to be worn with shorts in the day, but when paired with a nice pair of pants becomes the perfect dinner outfit. Solid patterned swim coverups can be mixed with a variety of suits for women, and men can wear swim trunks as shorts paired with a shirt depending on the type of daytime activity you’re attending. Comfortable tank tops can double as sleeping shirts, and tossing in a dryer sheet with your clothes while packing will keep everything smelling fresh!

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Save Space on Shoes

It’s no secret that shoes can take up a huge amount of space in a suitcase, so why do we always try to overpack by bringing multiple pairs? With shoes it’s really up to you what you’re willing to sacrifice, but try to stay realistic about how your choices are going to weigh you down or make you compromise on other items of clothing, and if the compromise is worth it! One pair of sandals for women and men should easily fit, and if you were going to bring a pair of flip-flops for the beach, maybe your sandals are casual enough to double as beach shoes. From there, men should pack one pair of closed toe shoes that are formal enough to dine in, and women could bring a pair of heels for nights out if they wish. If you’re planning on doing certain activities like ATV excursions or hiking, you may want to consider a lightweight pair of running shoes.

Cut Down on Toiletries

This one is huge, especially if you’re flying and taking a carry-on, as most countries have limitations on the amount of liquids you’re able to travel with! Some people might find certain products necessary, such as special moisturizers or hair products, but overall you can save a lot of space (and headaches in airport security) by ensuring your rental has the basics for you before you go. Don’t bother bringing towels, as your vacation home should have them available for your use! Considering alternatives to liquid products, such as shampoo and conditioner bars, can help save on your liquid limitations and can easily be cut in half for shorter trips and for more space!

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